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Latest Mix: #026 - LukeyB


Having breached a quarter century of guest mixes, we're straight off into the next quarter with this mix and interview from adopted Geordie LUKEY B. His mix takes us on a journey through that dark, unsettling, gritty edge to drum and bass music before emerging out of the tunnel at the other end. In our interview we discuss barbecues and burgers as well as delving a bit into Lukey B's origins. Enjoy.

Andres Balicki - Daily Rhythm EP

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Do you ever think what would have happened if the likes of Mozart and Beethoven (the composer, not the dog) were born in the present day? No? I do. Take Mozart, who by the age of three was watching his little sister take piano lessons, and by the age of five had mastered that very same piano and was beginning to compose his own pieces. Back then, of course, there was nothing to do except compose. But suppose that if Mozart was born now, what might have happened if he stumbled across a drum machine, an old Roland maybe; or perhaps downloaded a dodgy copy of FL Studio onto his computer and started messing around with chords and keys? Most probably, because of his natural talent he would be one of the greatest producers in the world, making the Hawtin's and Villalobos' of this world sound dull and boring by comparison. However, this hypothetical path is a one that many producers actually now take. They are classically trained to the point of fluency with violins, clarinets, and various other random musical instruments, and then seemingly by coincidence discover electronic music production, and from then on never look back.

And the winner is... MINUS

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As some of you may know, Curves recently hosted a DJ Competition to decide who is going to warm up for Ulterior Motive and Jubei on the 3rd of October. After dozens of entries, the winner was chosen as Steven Horsburgh, aka local lad and DJ Minus. We had the pleasure of catching up with him to chat about his mix, the night itself, and a few other things besides.

None Decay - Night Terrors/Bicep

Latest Review

After the release of the excellent ‘Stoneface’ by Enorme, the encouraging and exciting journey of None Decay Music continues. Set up by Duncan Aldcroft and Oliver Tome, this is a digital only label that tends towards the minimal, stripped sort of drum and bass that is becoming popular in the underground (if such a statement isn’t an oxymoron). If you like the music made by, say, Ruffhouse, Loxy and Resound, J. Robinson, and Hyroglifics, then you will like None Decay Music. Release number eight sees the bosses themselves, None Decay, return to their own imprint with two slices of gnarly, warped grittiness. Let’s take a look.

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