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Latest Mix: #026 - LukeyB


Having breached a quarter century of guest mixes, we're straight off into the next quarter with this mix and interview from adopted Geordie LUKEY B. His mix takes us on a journey through that dark, unsettling, gritty edge to drum and bass music before emerging out of the tunnel at the other end. In our interview we discuss barbecues and burgers as well as delving a bit into Lukey B's origins. Enjoy.

Jamie XX - All Under One Roof Raving

Latest Review

Patriotism is a term that has undergone a shift in meaning in recent years. Once associated with pride, honour, and a United Kingdom, it now goes hand-in-hand with the EDL, Britain First and fascist propaganda. For those of you lacking a sense of national spirit following a particularly disappointing World Cup, All Under One Roof Raving is Jamie XX’s testament to the UK, to London, and to our greatest export – rave music.

Blocks and Escher - Razor/Moods

Latest Review

Here, we take a look at Blocks and Escher's debut 12" on the esteemed Metalheadz label. Read on here...

Champa B & Bazia - The North Side, South Side EP

Latest Review

The Ruckuz takes a look at the excellent latest offering from Champa B and Bazia. Entitled The North Side, South Side EP, if you're a junglist at heart than you'll love this release.

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